Real-time Phone Patch Session

A phone patch session with same-day delivery via the internet and high-speed FTP server. You hear and direct the session just as if I were in the booth of your favorite studio.

Thom Wilkins - connected to the world in real time.
TI-101 Telephone Interface

Prior to your session - email your script to :

For phone patch dial : 706.324.7129 at your scheduled time.

For high quality audio review during your live session, Source-Elements, Source-Live is available to stream a real-time MP3 file to any browser. (Request when scheduling your phone patch session)

As the session is being recorded, you will be listening to the same audio track that is being recorded in my ProTools session on your browser.

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Studio Phone Patch Number is USA:

(706) 324-7129

Prior to your session - email your
script to

If you are having

please call USA

"That vintage sound..."