A Source Connect Message
from Thom

Listen to your session live - In hi-quality streaming mp3

Select to connect to live session

Source Elements- Source Live streaming is available.
No additional software required, no end user charges.

You may connect to a high quality audio stream of your Pro-Tools session as it is being recorded for live feedback/approval in real-time.

Select the (SE) button above and enter the account name of the Source-Live studio [thom] press 'Enter Live'.

When I am online and broadcasting you will be listening in immediately with about a 3 second delay. You will be listening to the same audio channel that is being recorded.

After the session - your finished audio will then be uploaded to my high speed FTP server for you to download as a WAV/AIFF/MP3 file - whatever you specify.

Real-time direction / feedback is available
via phone patch.

This page is for client use only.


"That vintage sound..."